YZ Table Desk For Tesla Model 3 2023 Car Steering Wheel Laptop Tray Food Desk Portable Office Table for Tesla Model3 2022 ModelY


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  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Brand Name: YZ

Multifunctional – EVBASE portable Tesla tray can be mounted to Tesla steering. EVBASE Tesla tray can be used for food or as a notebook support or desk providing. It’s convenient place for notebook, grocery food, drinks and etc.
Portable: You can carry or store this easily in the back seat pocket when you don’t use it. It ideal for car travel computer business office workstation and leisure use and very suitable for traveling with their own car especially families with children.
Easy to install -EVBASE Tesla tray is easy to mount. Simply hook tray to your tesla steering wheel and you’ve got an instant ergonomic desk. This product can place to the steering wheel or back of the car seat in seconds without hassle.
Good-looking Design: Fashionably designed out of high quality premium material. EVBASE portable Tesla Steering Wheel Tray is strong, durable and long lasting.

Folding car camping table

Office dining | Portable travel | Folding magnet storage


Common to both driver and passenger Office Drama


The driver and passenger seats can be used for office and leisure at the same time

Mutual influence on leisure time


Office/Dining Good helper for long-distance travel


Versatile use, hands free Solve the problem of long-distance travel, office and dining


Flexible double fold storage

Easy and effortless


Upgrade the dual stacked magnetic suction design for easier storage

Carbon fiber texture High density fiberboard

New engraving and polishing technology, clear texture, double texture

Exclusive carbon fiber texture for premium sports cars

Unique craftsmanship

Installed firmly and durable


The back is made of 304 stainless steel loose leaf and fixed with steel nails

Stable, durable, and more sturdy structure


Strong load-bearing capacity No damage or deformation under heavy pressure


Can bear 32KG, not damaged under heavy pressure, and the table is thick and durable

Weight, strong load-bearing capacity, strong and durable


Human standing 110 kg adult test


The following test data comes from the real data of YZ laboratory, and the specific data is subject to the actual object


Weight: about 1.65kg Lighter than a laptop


Lightweight and feels good, from thin to light, easy to carry without appearing bulky

180 ° quick fold for convenient storage and easy storage


Easy storage Collapse does not take up space


Exquisite folding design, lightweight and durable material, small area

Convenient to carry with the vehicle, easy to use and portable


In-car entertainment Multiple scene switching


Provide convenience for travel and avoid boring moments in the car1——Focus on learning No impact anytime, anywhere

Focus on learning No impact anytime, anywhere

Able to work/study/write homework while traveling


Original vehicle data mold opening Round fit


3D scanning data opening of the original car, making it easier to use the car exclusively


Anti slip groove design Reasonable zoning


The table has a groove about 18 cm long and a diameter of 7 cm

The water cup slot allows for orderly placement of items and prevents them from sliding


Unique craftsmanship Firm and durable installation


The back is fixed with 304 stainless steel loose leaf and steel nails

Stable and durable structure, more firm


Product parameters


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